An absolute saviour during our bathroom renovation, especially as our tilers did not turn up and it took 3 days to source new trades!  Brad was extremely accommodating with additional days hire.  We also had guests stay during this time who commented that the shower water pressure was better than some hotels they had stayed at!


Thank you very much for your great service.. we are renovating our bathroom  and with your prompt service we hired a shower.. it was as a life saver and fantastic price too..

Thanks again


ABC Kitchens greatly appreciates your company and its services, we always are happy to highly recommend your company to our clients that either need a portable toilet or bathroom when we complete their bathroom makeovers.     Our most recent client highly praised your company for its efficient installation and wonderful customer service, she would highly recommend your services as a truly convenient option when doing any home renovations.

Thank you again     Lee

I found Sydney Bathroom Hire on line when preparing to renovate my bathroom and laundry. I booked for two weeks and the shower was delivered and installed without any fuss. The shower was clean, functional and much larger than I had expected. When the renovations ran overtime, it was an easy call to contact Brad and have hire extended for a week. After completion of booking, shower was collected and taken away with again no fuss. I would recommend this company to anyone undergoing renovations.

By: Trina

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