Dual Deluxe Toilets: Luxury Toilet units in Sydney

dual deluxe toilets

Two Dual Deluxe Toilets set up for a Party at Point Piper.

If your on the Sydney Party Hire or Sydney Event Hire scene you may of noticed our incredible Dual Deluxe Toilets. Two great toilet cubicles, one great price.

Sydney Bathroom Hire have the latest in toilet hire Sydney. The Dual Deluxe Toilets are a Male and Female Luxury Portable Toilet unit with a dividing wall between the toilets for privacy and are perfect for Corporate Toilets Rentals, VIP Toilet Rentals. With no waste stored within or under the unit they are a much better alternative to a portable loo, or Ablution block”No sewer smell”. You see, each Dual Toilet unit has a unique macerator system which mechanically treats the waste into fluid and pumps it directly to a sewer point or holding tank. They have been referred to as the ultimate male & female portable restrooms!

Each cubicle comes with it’s own state of the art dual flush toilet with concealed cistern, unique porcelain hand basin with push button water saver tap ware, glass mirror, pump action hand soap dispenser,ECO friendly electric hand dryer, Caesarstone shelf above the  toilet, small skylight, lockable entrance door, internal and external lighting. One of the great attributes of the Dual Deluxe Toilets is they can be set up on uneven ground and leveled to suit, as the adjustable corner legs make this possible.

Some typical uses of the Dual Deluxe Toilets:

  • Portable Toilets for Garden Weddings
  • Portable Toilets for Backyard Weddings
  • Portable Toilets for Corporate Functions
  • Portable Toilets for Corporate Events
  • Portable Toilets for Events Hire Companies
  • Portable Toilets for Extra Guests
  • Portable Toilets for Party Hire Sydney
  • Portable Toilets for Concerts
  • Portable Toilets for Caravan Parks
  • Portable Toilets for Outdoor Events
  • Portable Toilets for Film Crews
  • Portable Toilets for Golf days
  • Portable Toilets for Family Reunions
  • Portable Toilets for Sporting Events
  • Portable Toilets for VIP (V.I.P) Events, the list is endless


Sydney Bathroom Hire provides all the toilet paper and hand washing soap with our Dual Deluxe Toilets for your convenience. We have now installed electric ECO friendly hand dryers to our Dual Deluxe Toilets.


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