Dual Deluxe Toilets: Portable toilet hire Sydney

Dual Deluxe Toilets Specifications

Two Dual Deluxe Toilets set up for a Wedding in Casula


The Dual Deluxe Toilet is a mobile double toilet facility that is complete with all the necessary items that are found in a top of the range toilet facility including Eco hand dryers and are available for long or short terms hires. Our Dual Deluxe Toilets are now the latest Dual toilet facility on the market with no sewer smell. The Dual Deluxe Toilet arrives on a trailer. Once in position the unit is raised off the trailer, the trailer is removed from underneath the unit then the unit is lowered to the ground.

Dual Deluxe Toilet Applications:

  • Temporary Second Toilet Facility
  • Social Events
  • Corporate Functions
  • Parties
  • Garden Weddings
  • Film Crews
  • Corporate Race days
  • Extra guests
  • Sporting Events
  • Outdoor Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Camping sites
  • Festivals and Functions
  • The list is endless

Dimensions of the Dual Deluxe Toilet:

Specifications of Dual Deluxe Toilets

Dimensions of the Dual Deluxe Toilets sitting on the trailer.






Sydney Bathroom Hire- Dual Deluxe Toilets Specifications size





Features of the Dual Deluxe Toilets:

  • Water wise Mixer Tap to basin
  • Lockable entrance doors
  • Fluorescent Sensor lighting to outside
  • Dual flushing toilet with concealed cistern
  • Eco friendly electric hand dryers
  • Anti Slip floor with rubber mats
  • Large shelf area for valubles
  • Vanity basin
  • Roof Air vent
  • Toilet paper dispensers (toilet paper provided)
  • Soap dispenser (soap provided)
  • Mirror
  • Internal lighting
  • Bins provided for rubbish

Special features of the Dual Deluxe Toilets:

  • No waste stored on board the Bathroom
  • Flexible connections for ease of set up
  • Ease of set up
  • Macerator pump for removal of waste
  • Dual circuit Safety Switches
  • Set up in 30 minutes
  • Bins provided for hand rubbish

Benefits of the Dual Deluxe Toilets:

  • The Company owner delivers and sets up the unit
  • No stress when entertaining friends
  • No waste stored on board
  • No sewer smell
  • Personalized
  • Hygienic


Dual Deluxe Toilets Specifications PDF printable

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