FAQS – Luxury Portable Showers

Q. What if we or our (the) contractors damage the shower?

A. Terms of trade clearly state that the person(s) or business/company that signs the terms of trade are fully responsible for the product whilst in their care.

Q. What can we use to clean the shower?

A. Any liquid disinfectant can be used, do not use AJAX or any harsh abrasives.

Q. Are we required to clean the shower?

A. Yes you are required to clean the shower whilst using it and it must be cleaned and wiped down before we pick up. This includes all hairs from the floors and drains. If the product is not cleaned before we pick it up we will charge a cleaning fee.

Q. Is the floor of the shower slippery?

A. The floor is of an anti-slip nature.

Q. Does the shower need to sit on level ground?

A. The product needs to sit on the ground as level as possible. If you are not sure take a photo of the area and email it to me.

Q. What is the maximum distance the shower can be from services? i.e., sewer, water and power.

A. The wastewater flows onto the ground, 40 meters to the water supply and 25 meters to the power supply.

Q. Will the Electrical leads to run on the ground?

A. In most cases we hook the power leads up off the ground but sometimes there is nothing to hook them on so they will run along the ground.

Q. Will the shower fit at my place?

A. Please read through the specifications page about the product.

Q. How much notice is required to make a booking?

A. As much as possible.

Q. What if we require the shower for a few extra days?

A. That’s fine, we don’t book the products out to anyone else until we get them back.

Q. Is there a contract/ terms of trade to sign?

A. Yes, the invoice that is email, posted or faxed to you must be signed, witnessed and dated by two people and emailed, posted or faxed back to us to secure your booking.

Q. How do we pay?

A. You can pay via EFT, credit card (Visa, MasterCard) or by cash at our office. All products are paid for before they are delivered.

Q. Is a bond required?

A. In some cases we require credit card details but normally no, a bond is not required as our terms of trade allow us to recoup any monies for damages.

Q. Can we hire long or short term?

A. Yes you can hire for one day or as long as you like.

Q. Does the shower come with internal lighting?

A. Yes, all our showers come with LED lights inside.

If there are any other questions that we have left out please feel free to call or email us.