Portable Toilets: Portable Toilet Hire in Sydney

Portable Toilets

Standard Sewer Connected toilet that a plumber is required to hook up to services.


Portable Toilets Sydney

Sydney Bathroom Hire, hire a range of different styles of portable toilets, portable loos, disabled portable bathrooms for all occasions. We do portable loo hire Sydney and surrounding suburbs. We have toilets for bathroom renovations, parties, construction sites, schools, house renovations, events, weddings and many more applications. All our toilets and cleaned and sanitized before delivery.

Sydney Bathroom Hire deliver toilets all over Sydney.

Delivery Times:

Delivery times are from 7.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday. Other times can be arranged (but may incur a higher delivery fee).

Upon Delivery:

Upon delivery of our products the drivers check the site for the best location and place the product where best to suit both parties. If the client is not home when delivery occurs then products may not be installed.


The client is responsible for all damages to our products whilst in there care. If our products are damaged, Sydney Bathroom Hire needs to be informed ASAP.


To make any inquire please call us or use our online inquires form and please ensure that you enter all the correct information including spelling of your email address, or you can give Brad a call direct on 0418 961 704.


Bookings can be taken over the phone, but we do like them via our online booking form as it’s easier for us as we are out doing deliveries all day long.


Please read the terms of trade on the Contact Us page.

Portable Toilets, Set up by Sydney Bathroom Hire

Set up by Sydney Bathroom Hire, notice the pump behind the toilet.