Event/Party Loos

Sydney Bathroom Hire provides three(2) different types of Event/Party Loos. These are listed below:

1. Luxury Sewer Connected Toilet:

Suitable for Parties, Events, Extra Guests etc

  • Size: 1.200m x 1.200m x 2500m high
  • Supplied with toilet paper, hand soap and hand towel

Requires access to:

  • Garden tap 30 to 40 meters from the unit
  • Power point 25 meters from the unit
  • Sewer Point within 50 meters of the unit on level ground

Our luxury sewer connected toilet requires access to three (3) services to function. These are water supply, power supply and sewer point. See the illustration below:

Bathroom on Wheels requirements

Luxury Sewer Connected Toilet Specifications

The unique function of the Luxury Sewer Connected toilet is the waste is mechanically treated and pumped to a sewer point on the property.


2. Dual Deluxe Toilets:

Suitable for Corporate Events, Weddings, Parties, Engagements etc.

The Dual Deluxe Toilet is a portable 5-star mobile dual toilet facility that is complete with all the necessary items that are found in a 5-star toilet facility including bins, Eco electric hand dryers, skylights and lockable doors to name a few and are available for long or short terms hires. Our Dual Deluxe Toilets are now the latest Dual toilet facility on the market with no sewer smell. The Dual Deluxe Toilets also require access to three (3) services to function and these are the same as the Luxury Sewer Connected Toilet as above.

Dual Deluxe Toilet set up for a Wedding at St Albans

Dual Deluxe Toilet set up for a Wedding at St Albans