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Bathroom on Wheels

Bathroom on Wheels set up for a bathroom renovation.














Our Bathroom On Wheels® units require near level ground, adequate room and three (3) services to work at your property.

These services are:

  • Garden Tap (max 30 to 40 meters from unit)
  • External Double Power Point (max 25 meters from unit)
  • Sewer Point i.e. Inspection Outlet (max 45 meters from unit on level ground)
  • Septic tanks can be pump into if required, please ensure it will cope with the extra usage

An inspection of your property to ensure our Bathroom On Wheels® unit will fit can be arranged. A call-out fee of $88.00/hour including GST  will be charged from the time we leave the factory to our return. This is payable before we attend the site.

The three services that you will require:

Bathroom on Wheels requirements

Site Access:

  • Level and clean site for set up
  • Clear access to all services
  • Ensure there are no trees and branches, building eaves, down pipes and Air-conditioning units over hanging the installation pathway
  • Ensure extra room for curved and difficult driveways

Multiple Bathrooms:

If multiple bathrooms are hired for one property. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure there is adequate power and water supply for each bathroom. Each bathroom requires a double power point and a maximum of one garden tap per two bathrooms. One sewer point can be used for multiple bathrooms.

Please see the dimensions of the Bathroom on Wheels on the specifications page.


Bookings are required and can be made via our website (preferred) or over the phone or email me directly with your details. If you don’t have access to the internet. We can mail a booking form to you. Upon making a booking a Tax Invoice will be issued and is due for payment before the portable bathroom(s) can be delivered. This is at Sydney Bathroom Hires discretion. In making a cancellation Sydney Bathroom Hire has the right to claim for payment for the complete cost of hire. Please read the terms and conditions of the Hire Agreement on the drop-down under the Home page.

Upon arrival at site:

Inspect the installation area
Installation of Bathroom On Wheels®

Bathroom on Wheels Requirements.pdf