Portable Toilet Hire Benefits

Portable Toilet Hire Benefits | One of the most overlooked aspects of planning a new building project is the need to hire portable toilets which are a must. In order to avoid the unpleasantness of using a regular construction (Portaloo) while working on a building site, you’ll need a sewer connected portable toilet. In addition to the obvious, having a sewer connected portable toilet on a building site has other advantages which we have listed for you below.

Maintain a Healthy Environment

Sewer connected Portable Toilets Help to Maintain a Healthy Environment. It’s simply a pleasant feeling to have portable toilets on your construction site. Not only do they flush like a real toilet, but there are also no odours to deal with. As a plus, they’re a great reusable item that has little influence on the environment. To lessen your carbon impact, you may reuse the same portable site toilet for many projects.

Improved Productivity

Improved Productivity Due to the Use of Temporary Site Toilets. The time spent searching for a nearby restroom may be saved by setting up temporary site toilets on the worksite. Depending on what they ate for lunch, workers may stroll straight up to the portable site toilet, flush, and go back to work in less than a minute.

Site Sanitation & Hygiene

Site sanitation and hygiene may be maintained with the help of portable toilets. Our Portable toilets are equipped with a variety of additional elements that assist a wonderful non smelly environment . Workers may wash their hands at the portable toilet’s basin if they don’t have access to taps or running water.

Comply with the law

You’ll be able to comply with the law if you use portable toilets on the job. Basically, this is a major thing in Australia, if a job site does not have access to a permanent toilet, then temporary site toilets are required. At least one portable toilet must be provided for every 1-15 employees in most situations. So, if you know you’ll be working on a construction site soon, plan ahead and set aside enough portable toilets.

Client Privacy

Client Privacy is Protected by the Use of Portable Toilets on the Jobsite. Asking your customer to use their bathroom is an unpleasant topic to have while working on a domestic home, therefore it’s best not to do so. Your customers won’t have to deal with the stench of bowel movements if you provide your own portable toilet on the job site.

Portable Toilet Hire Examples

Portable toilets are available in many shapes, sizes and configurations. Below are just a few examples that you might choose for your building or construction site.

Outside Dual Deluxe Toilets For Events
Outside Dual Deluxe Toilets For Events
Outside Dual Deluxe Toilets For Events
Inside Dual Deluxe Toilets
Disability Bathrooms
Disability Bathrooms
Toilets & Bathrooms for Renovations & Events
Toilets & Bathrooms for Renovations & Events

Hire Portable Toilets Enquires

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